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  • GeoTech Enviromental USA
    GeoTech Enviromental
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Who we are?

GeoTech partners with governments, communities, businesses, and organizations all over the United States. We do this with optimism and imagination so that our Clients can gain value from our high level of environmental performance while achieving their projects within budget and business goals. Explore all our capabilities, see our projects and connect with us, so together, we can turn your challenge into opportunity.

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Geotech Enviromental USA

Brownfield and Voluntary Remediation

Brownfield and Voluntary remediation

We understand the priorities of developers and owners and operators of active facilities who seek practical solutions to clean up commercial and industrial properties before marketing the real estate for new uses.

Environmental Due

Enviromental due diligence

Complex laws can impose significant environmental liabilities on purchasers, sellers, and lenders, whether or not they caused the problem, and whether or not they still own the property. We offer environmental due diligence services.

Storage Tanks and Spill Prevention

Storage Tanks and Spill Prevention

As a Licensed Pollutant Storage Tank Contractor we specialize in underground storage tanks (USTs), aboveground storage tanks (ASTs), process tanks, and hazardous materials tanks, oil/water separators, and in-ground hydraulic lift systems.

Hazardous Waste & Used Oil Management

Hazardous Waste & Used Oil Management

GeoTech helps the regulated community comply with all phases of the law, from determining whether wastes are hazardous; to permitting and design of treatment, storage and disposal (TSD) facilities; to the design or permitting of closure plans and corrective action for releases.

What We Do

Our Work

Our Clients

GeoTech Realty

GeoTech Realty, Inc was formed to assist Buyers, Sellers, Investors and Developers in navigating through the complex field of real estate transactions and transform former contaminated sites into new community assets. It is critical for the stakeholders in a real estate deal, to determine whether to make an investment based on analysis of risk and return. GeoTech is licensed in the real estate field, has the pedigree, and the right team of professionals that can clearly identify the risk and articulate potential solutions to support sustainable development, purchase, and/or sale.