Determining whether something is a “hazardous waste” can be challenging due to the myriad of regulations and guidance that have evolved over the decades under CERCLA and RCRA

GeoTech helps the regulated community comply with all phases of the law, from determining whether wastes are hazardous; initial screening/sampling, permitting, decontaminating and decommissioning of manufacturing and industrial facilities.  Such facilities utilize spent solvent wastes, electroplating and other metal finishing wastes, dioxin-bearing wastes, chlorinated aliphatic hydrocarbons production, and petroleum refinery wastewater treatment sludges.

GeoTech provides:

  • Initial screening investigation
  • Human health risk assessment
  • Design or permitting of plating facilities
  • Closure plans and corrective action for releases for electroplating & metal finishing facilities
  • Design of used oil processing systems and used engine oil regeneration system
  • Used oil management applications
  • Permitting and engineering plans for processing facilities, public oil collection centers, used oil transporters, transfer stations, and facilities that store, process, or manage used oil.
  • Preparation of certification documents; annual certifications, closure cost estimates, contingency plans, closure Plans, preparedness and prevention plans, spill prevention plans, training programs, unit management plans, used oil tracking plans, and waste analysis plans.