GeoTech understands the priorities of business owners and operators of active facilities who seek practical solutions to clean up commercial properties before marketing the real estate for new uses. One such source of new is the EPA Brownfield projects (Broward County). Brownfield and voluntary remediation projects protect human health and the environment while restoring beneficial use to properties. 

The benefits of environmental regulations often vastly outweigh the costs. Studies indicate that environmental regulation creates business growth and job opportunities. Business owners focus on identifying their business risk and liability that cause pollution in their workplace. They learn current environmental policies that can affect their bottom line.

GeoTech guides businesses in understanding and implementing simple pollution prevention techniques so that they can deliver a safe workplace for their human resources, be social benefactors, reduce insurance liabilities risk, increase competitiveness and profit.


If you are a lender, you hope that you were not responsible for recommending a loan on contaminated property. The lender’s concern: is there enough cash flow to pay off the note?Lenders have no interest in confronting foreclosure or protracted litigation concerns from regulators. 

GeoTech knows these environmental liabilities.   Investors and developers seek economic opportunity and GeoTech helps them to clean up commercial properties before marketing the real estate for new use. Remediation leads to substantial profits. GeoTech often works with government agencies to redevelop idle or contaminated properties and place them back into productive use.Our team of professionals accomplish the task of redevelopment use by providing the following services:

  • Site Inspections, Phase II, and Phase III Investigations
  • Remedial Design
  • Monitoring and Reporting
  • Environmental Earthwork and Soil Decontamination

GeoTech, working for three decades in the regulatory landscape of Southeast Florida, has forged strong relationships and trust with regulators. We have taken on many complex challenges and successfully remediated many gas stations, auto repair facilities, dry cleaners, electroplating facilities, food & beverage companies, cardboard manufacturing firms and used oil processors.  Restored these sites now provide active and passive end-uses cost effectively.