Why Work With GeoTech Realty?

Core value is created when one can be trusted, is likable, has technical ability, integrity, and agility. We thrive on complex, technically challenging projects, leveraging our professional skills to successfully acquire, remediate, and reposition properties that others may not have the capacity or resources to pursue.

Trusted Relationships

GeoTech Realty is committed to our client relationship. Client needs and success come first based. We’ve proved the core foundation of trust, quality, and consistency over three decades with more than 4,700 successful project completions. Our experiences have taught us relationship skills, negotiation expertise and, simply put, how to save the client money while offering them the best solution.

Technical Competency & Specialization

The two most common ways to develop competency in environmental science and commercial real estate sales are by being location centered and industry vertical. We know what is going on in our market, who is buying and selling, where the prime sites are, and which sites have liability.

Our combined technical experience in the environmental and real estate industry of over 65 years is supported with our team of professional engineers, geologists, pollution storage tank contractors, general contractors, and brokers. They are local. They know the CRE landscape, environmental risk, and the needs of our clients.


GeoTech Realty takes pride in being a reliable partner to our clients to achieve their legitimate goals and objectives, while being honest, fair, and respecting the laws and culture in which we operate.


Our number one priority is to demonstrate a sense of urgency by being responsive, resourceful, and creative in overcoming obstacles relating to today’s complicated regulatory and real estate requirements in a cost-efficient and timely manner. The professional approach of the business owner is clear. You do not want to get lost in the shuffle with a large CRE firm that primarily deals with big dollar clients who pay large fees, have corporate philosophy and boast glossy brochures, uses silo cubical agents. If you want a local team that can accomplish your goals, do the necessary tasks of commercial real estate for you with confidence, then you have come to the right place.