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GeoTech is a Certified Minority Business Enterprise (MBE) and woman-owned firm specializing in delivering top-notch environmental engineering services. Our expertise includes Environmental Due Diligence (Phase I, II, and III ESA), Remediation & Brownfield Redevelopment, Hazardous Waste Management, Used Oil Permitting, and Storage Tank Management, including Spill Prevention Plans. 

Established in 1993, GeoTech was initially created to cater to small businesses facing environmental violations in sectors such as auto repair, aircraft repair, dry cleaning, electroplating, gas stations, manufacturing, and used oil processing. Today, our clientele spans Federal and State Governments, local municipalities, law firms, developers, Fortune 500 companies and the private sector in Florida. 

Our success spanning over 35+ years is rooted in professional skill, enduring client relationships, integrity, and responsiveness. These pillars have been crucial for our survival in the ever-changing and competitive marketplace. With a client base of over 5,000, of which more than 93 percent are repeat clients, we showcase our professional capabilities and the strength of our long-term client partnerships. 


At GeoTech, our leadership ethos centers around ensuring value through effective governance. We foster a culture committed to creating positive, impactful change while tackling the world’s most intricate challenges. Our collective strength lies in offering integrated services, dedicated to delivering optimal solutions that precisely address our clients’ diverse needs – Rita Lakhlani. 

Nilesh “Neil” Lakhlani
Director / Geologist / PSSC

Neil Lakhlani is GeoTech Founder and Senior Director of Environmental Services and a specialist on Environmental Site Assessments, Brownfields & Storage Tank Compliance. He is a Geologist and licensed Pollutant Storage Tank Contractor with over 38 years of professional experience providing advice on environmental matters on environmental compliance and contamination relating to auto repair facilities, gas stations, and industrial warehouses. He holds a Master of Science Degree in Geological Oceanography and a Bachelor of Science in Geology. He is also a Florida Licensed Real Estate Broker.

Raksha “Rita” Lakhlani
President / CEO

Rita Lakhlani is GeoTech President and CEO effective November 1, 2021. She previously served as a Senior Vice President and the Business Unit Director of GeoTech. Rita has more than 31 years of professional consulting experience. Her technical expertise lies in environmental site assessments  and includes all facets of permitting, compliance, and management studies. She has been involved with many other projects, including construction permitting and compliance, employee training, implementation, and environmental investigation. She also holds a Florida Real Estate license since 1998.

Our Mission

We aspire to be the leading global consultancy and engineering firm, specializing in environmental solutions and sustainable infrastructure for all life.

Our Vision

GeoTech’s vision encompasses a world where infrastructure serves as a catalyst for universal opportunity, uplifting communities, enhancing accessibility, and nurturing the sustainability of our planet.

Our Values

GeoTech's core values are rooted in treating our clients' challenges as our own, implementing pragmatic, cost-effective, and efficient real-world solutions.