Used Oil Processor

Used Oil Processor


Used oil and material processing facilities are required to comply with the operating permits, procedures, and permitting jurisdiction under Florida Statutes (F.S.), applicable chapters of Florida Administrative Code (F.A.C.), and the 40 Code of Federal regulations.


A prominent used oil processor engagedGeoTech to prepare permit & modifications application that included site inspections, preparation of approved drawing(s), plans, and other documents necessary to operate a Used Oil and Material Processing Facility on an approximately 5.18-acre parcel of land in central Florida.


The facility is authorized to transport, store and process used oil and is permitted to market used oil. It had multiple 24,000-gallon tanks for Used Oil and one rail car tank with a capacity of 20,000 gallons for used oil.

Regulatory compliance inspection & Certification

GeoTech was engaged to obtain a permit modification for existing tanks, obtain a solid waste permit, and approvals for two new storage tanks and provide As-Built drawings for acceptance by the Department.

Contaminants present

Used oil, Gasoline, Diesel, & solvents


  • GeoTech prepared a used oil facility processing application, description of process flow, description of operations, waste analysis plan, tracking plan, preparedness and prevention plan, contingency plan, spill prevention plan, closure plan and employee training program.


2 months including site inspections and approval for permit modification approval by FDEP