Auto Repair Facility

Auto Repair Facility


Soil Assessment, Remedial Investigation & Restoration


Town of Davie, Broward County, Florida


The Town of Davie purchased a 2.5-acre parcel of land. A fuel filling station and auto repair service center had been previously in use on the site. The Town engaged GeoTech to conduct a source removal of petroleum impacted soil and site investigation.

The investigation identified gasoline and diesel hydrocarbon contaminated soils and groundwater which posed a risk to future development, adjoining parcels and the environment. Contamination within the soil & groundwater was identified as posing a risk to the environment.


Following the findings of the initial site investigation by others, GeoTech was contracted to remove the petroleum impacted soil, conduct passive groundwater recovery and long-term monitoring of groundwater. A waste oil tank was also removed.

Contaminants Treated

Gasoline, Diesel & used oil


  • 4,000 gallons of contaminated water
  • 1,046 tons of contaminated soil for thermal treatment


  • All contaminated soils removed
  • Groundwater contamination reduced significantly to implement Post Active Remediation Monitoring


Source removal in 7 days
Groundwater monitoring 12 months