Environmental Clean Up-Electroplating Facility Hazardous Materials


GeoTech was engaged to close an abandoned electroplating and metal finishing facility under Florida Statutes (F.S.), applicable chapters of Florida Administrative Code (F.A.C.), and the 40 Code of Federal regulations.


The site is in a busy commercial warehouse area in Broward County, Florida. The business conducted electroplating and metal finishing on a variety of aircraft and automobile parts. The business owners abandoned the facility and left the hazardous waste for the property owner to dispose and close the facility.


GeoTech was engaged to conduct the closure of this facility that involved regulatory liaison, legal counsel selection, site inspection, inventory assessment, preparation of the closure plan, waste characterization, disposal of all hazardous waste and implementation of the closure activities. GeoTech was also engaged to conduct a soil assessment at the facility.

Contaminants Treated

RCRA metals


  • GeoTech conduct a successful closure of the facility which involved thousands of dollars in cost savings to the property owner.