Gas Station

Gas Station


Underground Storage Tanks Upgrade, Soil Assessment, Remedial Investigation & Restoration


Broward County Commission


The facility had soil and groundwater contamination relating to gasoline and diesel constituents.Client was required by the regulators to comply with the upgrade of the underground fuel storage tank system at all their facilities. GeoTech conducted the design engineering, permitting, removal and installation of new underground fuel storage tanks (USTs) for all their facilities in Broward County, Florida.

The work also included closure, assessment, remediation, and restoration of their fueling structures such as canopy and building.


All facilities required removal of the tanks, petroleum impacted soil and passive groundwater recovery. All sites successfully received a Site Rehabilitation Completion Order (SRCO) and a No Further Action ruling from the Broward County Environmental Protection and Growth & Management Department & Florida Department of Environmental Protection.

GeoTech provided a turnkey service to the tasks discussed above and completed the entire work in less than 5 weeks with a cost of $150,000 less than the nearest competitive bidder.

Contaminants Treated

Gasoline and Diesel


  • 3,000 gallons of contaminated water
    150 tons of contaminated soil for thermal treatment


  • All USTs upgraded, and contaminated soils removed
    Groundwater contamination reduced to achieve a SRCO and NFA


USTs upgrade in 5 weeks
Soil and groundwater removal in 2 days
SRCO/NFA achieved in 90 days