The process of selling an automotive business can be daunting and complicated for the inexperienced Broker. GeoTech Realty understands the art of confidentiality, valuation analysis, negotiation, financing, and liability mitigation.

GeoTech Environmental has been in the automotive industry since 1987 and has served the buyer and the seller in both the real estate and environmental sector. With our experience, we recognize the difficulties faced by business owners in succession and transition planning and have made it a focal point of our company to guide you through the transaction.

Because we have worked with hundreds of buyers and sellers, we have the first-hand knowledge and capabilities to represent both the seller and buyer in each transaction. This typically makes for a more thorough and speedy selling process. Another reason to use GeoTech Realty is that we already have established relationships with Buyers/Investor who are ready and willing to pull the trigger at our command.


Do you have an environmental issue? GeoTech Environmental can quickly clean up the contamination and work for you with our trusted regulator partners. If you have other matters that need to be resolved, GeoTech Realty can easily put you in touch with our network of experts in the industry (i.e. contractors, consultants, insurance agents, lenders, etc.) to resolve the hindrances to sales.

GeoTech’s assistance with our automotive sellers begins with analyzing their financials to determine market value and in relation to competitive markets. We also conduct a risk assessment to evaluate the current property and environmental condition. A successful transaction process may be as follows:

  • Understanding the Client’s needs. (Confidentiality, Sellers exit strategy and tax benefits)
  • Market Evaluation & Valuation Analysis.
  • Planning Business for Sale & Risk Evaluation.
  • Marketing Strategy.
  • Contract Agreement & Deal Structure
  • Negotiations.
  • Buyer & Seller Management
  • Due Diligence
  • Financing (if required)
  • Appraisals, Title & Legal Concerns
  • Transaction Closing & Post Closing Issues


GeoTech Realty understands that selling your automotive business could prove to be one of the greatest challenges of your business life, so let our professionals handle the finer details while you prepare to enjoy your hard-earned income.