success stories

Gas Station

Tamarac, Florida


$ 2,750,000

A client purchased the gas station and convenience store from Exxon Mobile in circa 1998. The site had a one (1)-story retail store that was used as a small convenience store for the facility. The fuel system consisted of six (6) fuel dispensing pumps and four (4) underground storage tanks (USTs), which provided gasoline and diesel fuel to power consumer vehicles.

Historical regulatory records indicated the site had soil and groundwater contamination from the petroleum discharge reported in 1998 by Exxon Mobile. The site was eligible for the State Petroleum Liability and Restoration Insurance Program (PLRIP) but had a low score, and therefore, the site was not under active remediation. The Client had expressed an interest in selling the property, and therefore, engaged GeoTech Environmental, Inc (GeoTech) to initiate site cleanup, closure assessment, site assessment and remediation activities at the site.

During our assessment, a prominent Bank had expressed an interest in purchasing the property conditional that GeoTech/Client provide a Site Rehabilitation Completion Order (SRCO) approving the No Further Action Proposal or a Natural Attenuation Monitoring Proposal for the contamination from the regulatory agency.  The buyer would pursue the acquisition and closing and hold $200,000 towards the cleanup costs until the site had obtained an SRCO with conditions within 24 months. GeoTech completed the cleanup within 12 months at a cost of $156,000. Upon completion, the bank released the funds back to the client. GeoTech then pursued Exxon Mobile for reimbursement of the cleanup costs and received the payment in full.

With GeoTech’s ingenuity, tenacious persistence and at no additional expense to our client, GeoTech finalized the very involved disposition of the contaminated gas station. GeoTech procured full refund of the cleanup costs back to our client who is now enjoying a retired life in Ocala, Florida.