Federal databases indicate that leaks from underground storage tanks (USTs) is the major source of groundwater contamination. As of March 2009, Florida has reported 16,121 releases remain in its backlog, by far the highest number in any state in the nation.

In addition to the concern of contamination and regulatory compliance, the Gas Station owner is also concerned about profits from the sale of gasoline and other products. As a seller, environmental issues are not your only concerns. There is often a fixation on the fluctuating oil prices, pool margin, management of human resources, maintenance of the building and the fuel system, vendors. The Buyer may also be concerned about the same issue and much more.

For the consumer, and if you’re running on empty, that gas station up ahead can be a source of relief. All parties involved in the gas station transaction must resolve three (3) key issues; (1) Market value, (2) Property condition, (3) liability protection.

Here is how GeoTech Realty can assist you in all three areas:

  • GeoTech has been in the gas station business since 1991 and has worked on every aspect of the gas station business. Initially, GeoTech conducting assessments, tank closures and site remediation.Later, we started installing complete fuel systems for the government and the private sector and finally we assisted our clients with the buying and selling gas stations in Florida.
  • GeoTech has worked with hundreds of buyers and sellers, and already has established relationship and trust with Buyers/Investor who are ready and willing to pull the trigger at our direction.
  • GeoTech has first-hand knowledge and capabilities to represent both the seller and buyer in each transaction. This typically makes for a more thorough and speedy selling process.
  • If you are selling or buying, GeoTech will guide you through the due diligence process, prepare contracts specific to the gas station industry, maintain confidentiality, create effective valuation analysis, negotiate a win-win transaction, liability mitigation.
  • If you have liability concerns such as contamination or non-compliance issue with the regulator. or are concerned about diminished value and need to improve the marketability of your business from the accounting prospective, SIMPLY CALL US.
  • If you have other matters that need to be resolved, GeoTech can easily put you in touch with our network of experts in the industry (i.e. GeoTech as a Fuel system contractors and consultant, insurance agents, lenders, etc.) to help solve whatever issues you may have.


GeoTech Realty’s assistance with our gas station sellers begins with analyzing their financials to determine market value and in relation to competitive markets. We also conduct a risk assessment to evaluate the current property and environmental condition. A successful transaction process may be as follows:

  • Understanding the Client’s needs. (Confidentiality, Sellers exit strategy and tax benefits)
  • Market Evaluation & Valuation Analysis.
  • Planning Business for Sale & Risk Evaluation.
  • Marketing Strategy.
  • Contract Agreement & Deal Structure
  • Negotiations.
  • Buyer & Seller Management.
  • Due Diligence.
  • Financing (if required)
  • Appraisals, Title & Legal Concerns.
  • Transaction Closing & Post Closing Issues.


GeoTech understands that selling your automotive business could prove to be one of the greatest challenges of your business life, so let our professionals handle the finer details while you prepare to enjoy your Hard-Earned Income.