Like all commercial real estate (CRE) sales, warehousing business requires an extensive scrutiny and understanding of the property structure, zoning laws, traffic, utility, future desirability of the property, the lease agreement, stability of the tenant and the type of business and its inherent business risk, condition of the property, environmental laws and liability from past & present uses. To complicate it further, majority of the warehouses are owned by absentee owners and poorly managed by property management companies who do not have specific training to adequately manage the tenants from both the business prospective and environmental regulations.

GeoTech has been serving the South Florida warehousing market since 1991 and provides integrated in-house approach to serve industrial clients of all sizes. Efficiency and quality are the cornerstones of GeoTech Realty’s approach, providing complete end-to-end contract to closing and due diligence that consistently delivers a high-value, low-cost solution to our clients.

Our work in this area has earned the firm a position of prominence, trust and respect, within the CRE community. Our Team of Professionals from various disciplines are routinely involved in complex real estate transactions. We bring exceptional negotiation and drafting skills to the task of structuring and closing deals. GeoTech Realty excels at achieving creative and economically efficient solutions to the challenges and roadblocks that may impede industrial warehouse sales transactions. GeoTech Realty also provides support relating to the Florida building code compliance, easements, distressed real estate transactions, title and zoning issues.

A successful transaction process may be as follows:

  • Understanding the Client’s needs. (Confidentiality, Sellers exit strategy and tax benefits)
  • Lease review
  • Market Evaluation & Valuation Analysis.
  • Planning Business for Sale & Risk Evaluation.
  • Marketing Strategy.
  • Contract Agreement & Deal Structure
  • Negotiations.
  • Buyer & Seller Management
  • Due Diligence
  • Financing (if required)
  • Appraisals, Title & Legal Concerns
  • Transaction Closing & Post Closing Issues