GeoTech Environmental, Inc. (GeoTech) is a privately owned environmental engineering consulting firm (State of Florida Engineering License No. 7396).

GeoTech was conceived by its founder, Nilesh Lakhlani in early 1987 in Miami Lakes, Miami Dade County, Florida and in 1999moved its base of operations to Broward County, Florida.

Our clients are diverse and include public and private sector organizations of all sizes from various industries with national and international interests.  Over the past three decades we’ve consulted with auto repair facilities, aircraft repair facilities, banks, developers, dry cleaners, electroplaters, gas stations, governmental entities, manufacturers, real estate brokers, used oil processors, and responsible parties.

Often the independent private sector service businesses face unknown multi-disciplinary challenges. During their business day service businesses, (e.g. dry cleaners, auto repair, service stations), utilize hazardous products which pose the highest risk of environmental contamination, public health issues and hence regulatory scrutiny.  Unfortunately, these same independent owners carry with them the least amount of legal or financial resources necessary to deal with hazardous products, contamination and regulatory scrutiny. Further, these owners often experience stress over the environmental issues, have little or no knowledge of environmental regulations nor the skill sets to deal with pollution prevention in their workplace.

Our consulting service success is attributable to several factors. However, if we were to point to one single reason, it would be building a personal client relationship and trust–the foundation of our practice. 

For over 27+ years client relationship-building and trust have been the cornerstone to our success both then and now in today’s competitive market.  More than 85-percent of the GeoTech’s work has come from repeat clients.  

GeoTech remains steadfastly committed to providing our clients with the highest level of personal, hands-on attention to their environmental needs at a reasonable price. We take a proactive approach in representing our clients.   As zealous advocates we treat our client’s concerns as though they were our own. We take the time to get to know our clients, their problem, match their project objectives and needs with our abilities and the role GeoTech Environmental, Inc. as a consultant can play.

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Creating value and trust is a central element in our organizational strategy for the last 26 years. In practice, GeoTech as responsible partner integrates a set of business processes, resources, systems, empowerment, and strategies that fosters our ability to minimize risk for our clients and partners, thus building long-term trust and relationship. This can only be achieved if we take full responsibility for our actions, apply principles to do business the right way, and define how you want to live, work, and be remembered in society.